Labs is the largest job board in Morocco. It offers a great user experience for both job seekers and employers.

Candidate Experience:
• Better search functionality
• Learn more about potential employers
• Connect with employers fast with keyword alerts
• Give and receive recommendations to past and current colleagues

Employer Experience:
• Extensive database of job seekers and resumes
• Streamlined hiring process
• Improved user experience (UX)

SteelVault App

Protect your privacy and confidentiality with SteelVault. Keep all photos, documents, etc., locked down and secure via PIN or fingerprint identification.

Keep your personal and professional lives separate - easy to manage with exceptional UI and UX.

• Private browsing
• Private notes
• Log-in failure features
• Different themes 
• Private bookmarks
• Integration with Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox
• File sharing

Beta testing is available - please request it from: .


Notifire App

“Notifire offers a unified notification platform for businesses. Enabling them to streamline the service delivery, and enabling users to manage notifications from different businesses they deal with. ”

Customer Problem: Users are bombarded with service delivery calls and updates, from car repairs, to shipping companies, to dentists. E.g. for car service, users get 5 - 10 calls during the service life cycle. A car dealership would call their clients to let them know the issue with the car, how much will it cost to get it fixed, get approval from the client to proceed with the repairs and delivery date.

Our Solution: Notifire, a notification solution that enables businesses to send service updates via SMS, email, push notifications. All in one convenient platform.

Notifire for businesses:
Saves time: by using existing notification templates and bulk updates features
Minimises communication errors,
Enables easy follow up with customers.

Notifire for end users:
Enables clients to know the status of their service without having to call
Respect clients privacy and time by avoiding unnecessary calls
Offers a clear way of communication by offering a clear action item to complete the service: approval, provide missing information, etc…
Enables tracking other important things such as flights and packages is the first online database for Morocco based lawyers. It allows clients to search by name and/or location for the best suitable lawyer for their case. It also provides reviews and ratings based on the lawyer's previous work and experience.

As Morocco modernizes as a country, consumer behaviour is changing and the old methods are no longer applicable. Word-of-mouth, or other traditional forms of advertising are becoming obsolete as Morocco's Millenial generation starts to come into its own. is changing the way people can seek help for their legal issues and providing a universal access point for all users.

Annot8 App

Get Annot8 for FREE
Annot8 is the perfect app for those who want to annotate pictures on-the-go. It is an easy-to-use app to add catchy and customizable annotations to your pictures. Just select your picture, your annotation style and you are good to go.
An app that is a must-have for students, teachers and business people alike; it has brilliant features that can be used by everyone, anywhere. Key features:

• Extremely user friendly for all annotation and mark-up needs
• Simple graphic user interface that has all the options just a tap away
• Various forms of annotations such as highlighting, magnification, shapes, text, etc.
• Draw on photos or add handwritten annotations
• Add images right from the app using your camera or add them from your image gallery
• Share annotated images right from the app on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and more, with one touch
• Extensive photo editing options such cropping, rotating, magnifying etc.

Adding annotations is easy - just select a picture from your gallery or take a picture right from the app using your camera and touch add. Next select the type of annotation you want – shapes (such as arrows), spotlight for emphasis, free text, and more, and just drag it where you want to add the annotation. The shapes and text are customizable and you can change the thickness as well as color of both. Using the spotlight and blur features you can focus on a particular area of your picture while blurring out everything else.

You can also edit the photos on-the-go and only focus on the parts of the picture you want. Crop, rotate, and straighten your pics right in the app. Share your designs with a touch and post it on various social networks with ease.

Easy-to-use and extremely versatile, Annot8 is awesome. The app is suitable for all age groups and is best suited for students, teachers, business professionals, field technicians, and even meme makers. For all the features that it has, the app is quite lightweight and works well with iPad as well as iPhone. If you have enjoyed any feature of the Annot8 app, don’t forget to rate it in the App Store and share Annot8 with your friends.


The importance of a web presence of municipalities no longer needs to be proven. Cities and towns everywhere are realizing that the best way to create engaged citizenry is by offering a powerful web presence to present information, policies, events, and more.

With the city of Temara AdelphaTech built a site that creates proximity between citizens and offers a real channel of communication between the municipal administration and the people of Temara.

The site is all encompassing and includes all information related to the daily life of Temara, as well as highlights the various services and scope of the municipal council as well as their many projects and initiatives. 

AdelphaTech also focused on optimizing the site for search engines to help the municipality engage more voters during times of election. 

AdelphaTech vision is to put every Moroccan city, county and municipality on the web!

See our pilot project here!

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