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About The Organization

A non-profit leader in international school recruitment. For the last 60 years, ISS has worked to help more than 40,000 teachers, administrators, counsellors, and librarians find their dream jobs in classrooms around the world
We worked with ISS to help create and rebuild their website. A website to provide higher audience engagement, brand visibility and awareness.

The Challenge

To provide their audience easy accessibility to their recruitment and professional services . A website that not only requires an intuitive user experience, but a strategy focused around meeting every visitor need and a powerful back-end engine to deliver useful and informational content across the site

The Process

We strongly believe in the agile project management approach which allows for a flexible, interactive, and efficient product delivery. Our projects are split into phases, each phase employs a feedback system that allows each individual piece of the project to be assessed before the final launch.



Starting up we identified goals, priorities, company’s and visitor needs. We did this by having conversations with the client. Through this process we were able to find how we could enhance the user experience while using the website and, make this website a solution and accessible to both visitors and individuals interested in ISS services.

One site, countless audience types

In an intensive digital marketing research phase, in which we crafted personas to represent audience types, fueled the long-term strategy and architecture of this complex site.

We noticed that ISS does more than establish, manage and place teachers in international schools, it communicates to school sponsors, owners and communities envisioning new schools, companies, organizations and individuals hoping to manage international schools, helps hire faculty and school leaders and offer school recruitment services.

Information Architecture

Cluttered pages and unorganized content that required re-working the model for a sitemap and information architecture. Using the data gathered in our marketing research and by working hand-in-hand with the client, we consolidated and minimize the amount of pages , creating cleaner content navigation throughout the site, which relies on primary, secondary and tertiary navigation menus.


Design Process

From the beginning we knew that the overall experience of the individual using ISS website should be easy and pleasing to use. The team decided to keep the user interface simple, and use proper navigation to direct the individual to the right information.

Webhelp formation


SEO Strategy

By examining and taking a deep dive into existing analytics we sought out opportunities to better promote existing content and ensure key pages remained at the forefront.

Content Blocks

When it came to designing the layout for ISS website, the team decided to have the website be spread out in columns for better readability and legibility for the content within the site.

More Control with Kentico

Frustrated by their previously static and difficult-to-manage site, ISS team wanted more control. With Kentico, they’re seeing benefits, by empowering them with flexibility and configurability. By using content blocks, we gave them complete control and maneuverability; moving assets, text, blocks up the page as easy as a drag-and-drop.


Test and Deploy

In just two months, we transformed our frustratingly static website into a dynamic, user-friendly platform, all thanks to our 'Test and Deploy' approach and the power of content blocks.

By examining and taking a deep dive into existing analytics we sought out opportunities to better promote existing content and ensure key pages remained at the forefront.

In 2 Months We Delivered The Site Launch!!

Webhelp formation

Our work

We help our partners succeed by developing high-quality websites, web, and mobile apps.

International Schools Services

International Schools Services

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