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Instasize – Empowering Visual

Discover how Instasize has revolutionized visual content creation, providing users with powerful tools and features for enhancing and sharing their visual stories.


About The Organization

We worked with InstaSize to help create InstaSize Photo & Pic Editor. The only app to combine a photo editor, collage maker, and video editor into an easy to use interface.

The Challenge

Back in 2012, InstaSize saw a problem that no one else cared enough to fix. Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram all required to crop beautiful portrait or landscape photos and fit them within their designated square avatar space.

As Instasize team noticed this problem, they saw the opportunity to embrace mobile and find a partner to help them do it right. The team turned to AdelphaTech to lay the foundation and design the InstaSize App for iOS and Android.

The Process

Starting up we identified goals, priorities, user stories and ideal features. We did this by having conversations with the client. Through this process we were able to find a solution to the problem, but also bring other features that potentially could enhance the user experience while using the app and by sharing their photos in their social media platforms.

Designing For The Type Of Users

Content Creator

  • Photo sharing contributors to digital media for an audience in specific contexts.
  • Every day use and posting relevant content
  • Visual storytellers, theme based feed

Young Professionals

  • Young people in their 20s and 30s, especially women
  • Strongly attached to technology and media
  • Enjoy personal photo sharing

Design Process

Instasize had a previous version developed, but here in AdelphaTech we decided to rebuild the application. Inspired by the previous appearance, we started by creating wireframes of what the app experience could look like. We used these wireframes to validate what Instasize wanted and gave them an idea of the direction we were heading in the design process.

It was our goal to create an app providing tools, technology and community that every content creator needs to boost their influence, build their brand and find their voice.

Webhelp formation

UX | UI Design

From the beginning we knew that the overall experience of the user using Instasize should be easy and pleasing to use. The team decided to keep the user interface simple, minimal and only showcase the brand colours.

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When it came to designing navigation within InstaSize app, the team came up with a unique idea to use icons to help users rapidly identify the tools featured.

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Android + iOS Compatible

It was important to Instasize to offer an app that worked across multiple devices and platforms. Both Android and iOS are compatible, we developed an app that solved an issue which many content creators and social media users were struggling to fix. The easy process to size, edit pictures and immediately post to any social media platform made Instasize an indispensable app to have.

In 2 Months We Delivered The Mobile App Launch!!

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Our work

We assist our partners in achieving success through the development of top-notch websites, web and mobile apps.

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