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FED - Fresh, Easy,

FED is our meal kit ordering system that makes it easy for you to prepare nutritious and great-tasting meals for your family


About The Organization

FED is a meal kit ordering system designed to make it easy for customers to prepare nutritious and great-tasting meals with fresh ingredients. Customers can choose from a list of daily featured kits, access ingredients, nutritional info, and cooking instructions

We worked with FED to help create and expand a current mobile app pilot. We proceeded on doing a web portal with API middleware that provided personalized access to selected information and support business to business and business to user communication. Ultimately, making better communication between the client and the users

The Challenge

To provide their current and new users an user friendly mobile app that will deliver the meal kit ordering system with refined features and in a secured network . Additionally, to provide the client a web portal, that gives staff users personalized access and a single point to find the entire meal kit ordering system data.

The goal was to improve the app and to deploy to 6 additional sites/hospitals. After completion, roll out to 300 hospitals across United States is underway.

The Process

We strongly believe in the agile approach which allows for a flexible, interactive, and efficient product delivery. Our projects are split into phases, each phase employs a feedback system that allows each individual piece of the project to be assessed before the final launch.



Starting up we identified goals, priorities, client and user needs. We did this by having conversations with the client. Through this process we were able to find how we could enhance both user experiences.

Designing For The Type Of Users

FED targets 3 types of users Medical staff within healthcare, students & faculty within education and working professionals within Business & Industry.

1Medical Staff

2Students + Faculty

3Working Professionals

Information Architecture

Using the data gathered in our marketing research and by working hand-in-hand with the client. We consolidated and created a site map, to visualize the entire user path while using the app . It was decided that the app features for customers will be consistent across sectors.

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Design Process

We started by creating wireframes of what the app experience could look like. We used these wireframes to validate what FED wanted and gave them an idea of the direction we were heading in the design process.

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UX | UI Design

From the beginning we knew that the overall user experience in the FED app should be easy and pleasing to use. The team decided to keep the user interface simple using proper navigation to direct the user to the right spot and mainly have the brand colour used throughout the design.

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When it came to designing navigation within FED app, the team came up with a unique idea to use icons to help users rapidly identify the different sections the app had to offer.

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We helped FED to simplify data management within their networks through giving them access to resources and have control over the meal kit ordering system by knowing when and how they share information with FED app users.


We developed a FED web portal, that granted personalized data access and communication across corporate, admin, site managers and customers. This portal allowed the filtering of information and tools to target identified user groups and roles. Allowing staff users to tailor the portal for the end-users and to see the entire ordering procedure.We used API as the middleware between the webportal and the mobile application.

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Android + iOS Compatible

Due to the large amount of individuals using the mobile application, it was important for FED to offer an app that worked across multiple platforms. Both Android and iOS are compatible, we developed an app in which the process from start to finish was the quickest and easiest possible.


Test and Deploy

In 3 Months We Delivered a Mobile App + WebPortal Launch!!

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Our work

We assist our partners in achieving success through the development of top-notch websites, web and mobile apps.

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