Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

By on 5 September ,2017

  • "Facebook Watch"

Young people are addicted to social media, they always look for new platforms that are easy to use and where they find more entertainment.

Facebook has launched Watch, a new platform for shows which is available on mobile, tablet, TV apps, laptop and desktop also. The purpose of Facebook Watch is to provide dedicated place on Facebook where users can watch videos.

New shows on Watch are organized around what your Facebook friends love, watch or comment, that makes videos more popular. Furthermore, the particularity of Watch is the possibility to comment and share opinions while viewers are watching the video, they can join a conversation with other viewers which is partially similar to Facebook Live.

Watch has a watchlist where users save their favorite shows so they never miss out on the latest episodes. It’s thought that the new platform will be successful in case that it engages viewers with their communities, enables publishers to get more followers and fans. In addition to that, Facebook Watch users can watch live and recorded shows also like live events, which is unavailable on Youtube.

The platform allows views to organize the videos they save and publishers they follow in themes, such as sport, horror movies, cooking,music festivals, soccer shows... 

So, what are you waiting for to discover Facebook Watch ?