What is GAFA ?

What is GAFA ?

By on 3 October ,2017

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The acronym GAFA refers to the 4 giants of the Internet world: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon.

As we all know, Google is the leader of internet product & services specialized in search, cloud computing, hardware, software and more. It has developed different products for planning, management projects, storage, emails, translation, web referencing, sharing photos and videos, geolocation… Google runs also Android operating system and Chrome Web browser.

Besides, no matter which device we use (mobile phone, laptop, desktop, tablet), where we are located, which information we are looking for, our researches are mostly done on Google; this proves clearly that Google is the main web browser all over the world which holds the most important market share.

Google develops its product portfolio by launching recently its new personal assistant, Google Home. The Google Assistant is able to provide information about the latest of weather, sports, finance... 

At the other side, Apple is the best seller of hardware products particularly the iPhone, computer software and electronic devices such as iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and  iPod. 
Alike Google, Apple runs iOs operating system, iCloud, Mac App Store…
Steve Jobs was able to make his brand among the most important international entities in the world. Inspite of the high competition in technology development, Apple keeps its good position and evolves quickly and in an efficient way thanks to its positive return on investment. This ROI could be justified through its annual turnover which progress from year to year.

Facebook, the first universal social network, became the main communication medium both in personal and professional level. Companies focus their communication strategy on Facebook, it enables firms engage their community to interact with published content. Furthermore, customers are all the time connected on mobile phone, either to check the news, share opinions, send messages, follow their favorite publishers…
All this factors pushed Facebook to develop a customized platform “Facebook Watch”.

The last component of the GAFA acronym refers to Amazon, the leader of online shopping. Amazon is not only a shopping retailer, but an electronic, software and videogames seller also. Its activity is very expanded and includes the AWS (Amazon Web Services) which is specialized in providing on demand secured cloud computing platforms to professionals and individuals. The purpose is to allow companies to get a high capacity of database storage and content delivery so they could develop sophisticated and flexible applications.

All of these companies are able to succeed for  many years later, but which one will be the biggest ?