Get to know the solution for your privacy : SteelVault App

Get to know the solution for your privacy : SteelVault App

By on 2 October ,2017

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Designed with the sole intention of helping you safeguard your phone content, SteelVault is a must download app! If you are afraid that your phone does not do enough to keep your information safe, then all you have to do is download the SteelVault app

The app is designed to help you store pictures and files and also create notes, save links, browse in incognito mode and much more! SteelVault is extremely secure and provides you with the highest level of security, which is critical need in today’s world. Once you get SteelVault on your phone, you can be assured that nobody will be able to penetrate your phone and access your files. 

Even if someone attempts to get into your phone, you will be immediately notified. You will receive all the break-in details including the time, location and also a picture of the person trying to hack your phone. SteelVault comes with military level encryption, which is the highest level of security that you can have in any app. 

You can secure the files such as pictures and documents using a four-digit pin or a touch ID. The app gives you the choice of creating new folders where you can save all your information. Once you create the folders, you can easily import pictures and other data that is stored in other locations such as, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Once you have imported them, you can delete all the files from your phone. These pictures and data can then be exported back to the iCloud, Google Drive, etc. as necessary.

What’s more, you can also create folders to store other valuable information such as bank details, credit card details, etc. The app goes one step ahead of other similar apps in the market and provides you with the option of browsing the Internet in total incognito mode. Nobody will have access to your browsing history or online activity. 

SteelVault uses its own browser and does not rely on standard ones such as Chrome or Safari as they do not provide browsing security. If you wish to access a website at a later date, then you can bookmark it so that it is easier to access it at a later time. 

SteelVault can be customized to your liking by changing the theme with the available options on the app, as well as changing the font size and color to suit your needs. PIN options are also available, such as configuring a recovery email address, or setting up PIN pad randomization. All of these security options are designed for one thing in mind – for you to be assured you’re your files, photos, and browsing activity are 100% secure and private

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About Company 

SteelVault was developed by AdelphaTech Inc., a digital transformation firm that specializes in creating engaging websites and mobile applications on a diverse array of platforms tailored to your specific needs. They’ve performed work for small one-person start-ups and managed multi-million dollar projects for world-class organizations such as University Health Network, Nestle, and Deloitte.